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Best CEO of the year at the 2022 South Indian Talent Awards (Sita 2022)

If you regularly read our blog entries, you would be aware that for the past two years, we have shared a year-end post that summarises all of our accomplishments and a piece of writing expressing our enthusiasm for the new year. We have an unique occasion to share and celebrate with you all this year, though.

Here's to a fantastic conclusion for 2022. We are incredibly appreciative of the blessings and good luck that are coming our way. Thanks to all the wonderful people who have always wished us well. We receive a modest pat on the back that encourages us to run with greater belief and confidence.

P.S. Good things are always in the works when my mom, the wonder woman, is by my side. Dada, you would have been pleased, I know it! If you had smiled, I would have seen it in your eyes.

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