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Starry Night at Stella Maris College

Updated: Jan 5

Before I say anything, watch this!!

Scouring through the internet for words to describe the feeling of seeing your work come alive--plus the name of what you have created in all these years on a larger than life screen!! Surreal? Content? Maybe?

All about yesterday's work at Stella Maris College for a spectacular DJ night. Honestly, everytime a new avenue opens up for us, the mind gets fidgety. We have the whole design setup including the small to large elements run through the back of our minds a week before we get to work. There's always the urge to make every small detailing count. 'Rest only when done' at moments like these is a needless to say motto I guess.

For us it is important that heartfelt people or our happy clients get back to us saying, "This is a never-seen- before kind of a work".

Here's to sharing a wonderful experience of our new work with the hearts that support us consistently!

Pure wishes, prayers and blessings coming our way even before Navratri begun🥰

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