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Event decorations, now at home

Together we are facing a truly unrivaled situation. The pandemic has turned our lives topsy turvy. During this time we would like to step ahead and put forth our plans on designing events that are economical and safe.

For the past four months, we had discontinued our promotions and have had a very faint social presence. Our main aim behind this was to not strafe people with ads that talk about celebrations when the majority were struggling to cope with the pandemic effect.

With the government's relaxation of the curfew for a period of time, we wanted to be available for people who have dreamt of having a perfect day to either celebrate their union or to enjoy a special day of their life.

Planning to have a wedding, engagement, birthday party, surprise, etc is not just about inviting a bunch of people over and having fun, it is more of correlating the emotions of the people involved. The current situation has made it difficult for most of us out there to have a lavish evening with a great decoration and a larger gathering.

Keeping the norms and the safety precautions laid by the government in mind we would like to bring to your notice that we will be happy to evaluate all types of event decorations and will do our best to plan a design that will be affordable and beautiful.

'Happiness starts with you'. If you are looking to have a sweet celebration at your place we will work on lighting up your place with our decoration.

Feel free to get in touch with us to explore the possibilities.

Stay Safe. Stay Happy!

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