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Our journey so far

A passion for developing an identity of our own led us to event decoration. As a matter of fact, our attempts to create a business model began with a gaming zone. Event decoration was not the first of the business we had put our minds onto. We owned a snooker parlour for over a year before we started 'Believe San Decors'.

There is always a misconception that all the great business ideas are developed in an air-conditioned meeting room where people have a rigorous discussion and strategize on launching it. Our story is very simple. We had a small talk on starting a business of this sort and we found each of us present in that room had a skill that could push us more towards bringing our idea to life. One of us could bring in leads, while the others were good at handling electrical work in the sets, planning the design, building the sets, and so on.

Just like every other startup, reaching a position where we could gain a profitable income from the events we did was tough. We invested the money we made again to design the next event for quite some time. We have had a professional social presence only in 2019. The clients we have worked for in the past have been majorly through word of mouth and referrals. Sometimes we have lost track of what time of the day/night we were working when we had three or more events lined up for the day. We have also collaborated with churches to decorate for their internal events and celebrations.

During all those times we have had great support from everybody who worked with us, and our families too. Anybody can come up with a plan but having the right people around can make it a success.

If we have to look back, we had designed for more than 150 events in the past couple of years and our true pay off for all the work we have been involved with has been the satisfaction of our clients. In this business, we have to make an important day in someone's life beautiful. It is in a way very nice to hear but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility, right from bringing their dream decoration into life to making their day worth remembering with our work. We hope that we continue to make every special occasion of our clients' delightful.

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