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Welcoming 2022

2022 is here and it still doesn't feel real.

Our new year began with new additions in the services we offer and digital revamps.

Firstly, we are excited to be engaging with you on our all -new website.

2022 seems very promising, though one cannot be certain of anything with the current happenings in mind. But, despite the circumstances, we are so happy to have served our clients in and out of the lockdowns.

We had brainstormed on new designs and themes based on our client's requests. If I have to name a few, we have, the candy land, airport runway, underwater world, princess theme, and so on. Though we have designed underwater world, lion king and princess themed birthday decor previously, in 2021 we revisited the design and made it entirely different from that of our works before. I am sure the glittery birthday decor would have caught your eye if you are someone with the taste of bold and bright.

We happened to work on one of our client's (Sebi) son's birthday too. We had been the decorators for Sebi ma'am's wedding. Having to be a part of her son's birthday decoration, made me feel elated. Since the couple were pilots, we had chosen the airport theme for their Church wedding and their son's birthday.

By the end of 2021 we did go our way to give antique touch to a reception decor as well. If you haven't seen our work yet, here is our Instagram page. Check it out!

We are excited to be being more creative this year.

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